Request for Proposal for a Solid Waste Needs Assessment

The Saline County RSWMD (Recycle Saline) is issuing a request for a comprehensive plan of current operations and identify strategies for the future of Solid Waste Management and Recycling in Saline County.


The Saline County Regional Solid Waste Management District, one of nineteen regional districts established by the Arkansas Legislature, has jurisdictional boundaries that encompasses the Arkansas County of Saline. In 2016, the District launched its new business name, Recycle Saline, to reflect the District’s evolving mission and vision in Saline County.

The mission of Recycle Saline is to maintain a financially sound solid waste management system that incorporates elements of recycling, education, community/county programs, enforcement, sustaining waste hauling practices, and special waste material provisions to handle solid waste in an environmentally sound manner.

Recycle Saline Programs:

School Recycling Program (Republic Services Contract) (5 schools & 6 non-profits)

Recycle Saline Recycling Center

Tire Recycling

YEA! Team Program

Coupon Program

Waste Hauler Permitting

Environmental Enforcement

More information about Recycle Saline Programs can be found by visiting the website


The Saline County RSWMD (Recycle Saline) is seeking a qualified consultant experienced in creating a comprehensive solid waste management plan that characterizes the current operations, services, and programs; projects future needs, identifies strategies and options, and develops recommendations supported with an implementation plan that will be the basis for growth for Saline County. The Plan should:

  • Evaluate all existing Recycle Saline Programs. Evaluation should include an analysis of the objectives, efficiency, and current operations of each program.
  • Evaluate Recycle Saline’s current organization, facilities, equipment, staffing, and funding.
  • Identify future trends and potential developments in Solid waste management and recycling and the potential impact on Saline County and the programs currently provided by Recycle Saline given the current and projected growth of the community.
  • Present options and recommendations for changes to existing programs, and recommendations for additional programs detailing resources required to implement them as well as options for changes required to facilitate the recommendations.


  • The submittal should include a dated cover letter describing the firm’s background and history. Include the number of years in business and the range of services provided by the firm.
  • Provide a list and resume of the firm’s key personnel to be used under the proposed contract. Note principal (s), project manager (s) and technical staff.
  • Provide examples of the firm’s experience with projects like the one described in the firm’s proposal.
  • Provide a list of at least three (3) current references that directly relate to the scope of services to be offered by the firm. Include contact names, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • In addition to a total estimated cost for the project, provide a proposed fee structure for services provided that includes the hourly rate for key project personnel and support staff and any reimbursables and other expenses anticipated to be charged during this project.
  • The proposal must include a narrative of the work to be provided, how it will be provided and a description of the document that will be provided.


The successful firm will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • General experience- Evaluation of demonstrated experience as presented in the proposal. This included the firm’s overall experience and the qualifications and certifications of key staff. In addition, previous experience with similar projects will be considered.
  • Operational Requirements- Proposal will be evaluated based on best fit for Recycle Saline’s requirements and contemplated work needs. This includes the firm’s prior demonstrated performance, responsiveness, and responsibility of related work products.
  • Proposed Fee Structure- The submitted fee structure, and overall project cost estimate, will be compared to those submitted by the other firms and evaluated on information available regarding current market costs for the comparable services as determined by Recycle Saline.


Recycle Saline will review all proposals. It will evaluate the responsiveness of each one based on the information contained in the information submitted, including, but not limited to, the estimated cost of the finished product. Recycle Saline may require additional information or clarification and consider past work by contacting entities for whom similar projects have been performed. Recycle Saline will select the firm deemed to have submitted the most responsive proposal and invite that firm to negotiate a contract with Recycle Saline for the project. Once the parties reach an agreement, that agreement will be subject to approval by the Saline County RSWMD Board of Directors. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement acceptable to both, Recycle Saline reserves the right to select another firm that submitted a proposal for this RFP. Recycle Saline reserves the option to reject all proposals submitted in response to this RFP.


  • RFP Issued: 12/19/2022
  • Deadline for questions or clarifications: 1/20/2023
  • Proposals Due: 1/31/2023
  • Contract Start Date: 2/20/2023
  • Contract End Date: TBD

(*Dates approximate, based on negotiation and approval of contract)


All questions and/or clarification request should be directed to:

Tiffany Dunn

Executive Director

Recycle Saline

Questions and requests for clarification must be submitted by 1/20/2023

Proposals must be received via email at by 1/31/2023

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