Public Hearing: Resolution 4 of 2019

Wednesday, Dec 11, 1:30pm—2:00pm
102 South Main Street Level B, Benton, Arkansas 72015

There will be a public hearing 30 minutes before the December 11, 2019 Regular Board Meeting to present Resolution 4 of 2019.

The resolution that is being presented includes revisions to Resolution No. 5 of 2015.  Regarding Requirements for Solid Waste Hauler Licenses and Vehicle Permits.

This hearing is open to the public and the SCRSWMD Regular Board meeting will follow directly after. 

Attached is the resolution to be presented.

SCRSWMD Hauler License Rule 22_202.pdf

Overview of changes to the Resolution:

  • Removes the requirement for the City of Benton & City of Bryant business license.
  • Add $15 permit transfer fee
  • Inspections will be done upon permitting and in addition inspections can be done throughout the year. 
    • If violations are found in the inspection of a vehicle for which the District has issued a current vehicle permit, the EEO will prepare in duplicate a Solid Waste Hauler Inspection report listing the violation(s) and the date by which the person in charge of the vehicle at the time of the inspection and the EEO agree the listed violations will be corrected.  The person in charge of the vehicle at the time of the inspection will sign the copy retained by the District's EEO and will retain the other copy.  Failure to correct the listed violations within the time stated on the Solid Waste Hauler Inspection Report is a violation of this Rule.

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